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Let’s explore PH

So I hear this often ... "I cannot use anything on my skin it's so sensitive, everything I use just seems to kick it off"

I hear you

Let's explore why


Does this not bring back the horror of secondary school chemistry .... yes me too

However I now understand the importance of PH and restoring this for proper skin function

In chemistry, pH, also referred to as acidity, historically denotes "potential of hydrogen". It is a scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. Acidic solutions are measured to have lower pH values than basic or alkaline solutions.

So in real terms ... if something has a PH all out of whack -yes that's my scientific term... well it's not going to function properly is it.

The skin is no different

Take a look at the PH of water on the scale above sitting around 7 ... and soap at an 8

All you soap and water cleansers is there any wonder your skin is super sensitive to anything else

The PH of the skin at optimum functional level is 4.75-5.75

I can restore the PH with homecare and professional treatments and when I do you will be pleaaanrly surprised with glowing skin that functions just how it's supposed to

Is it all making sense now?

The reason I preach home about well home care is because what you guys do 2x daily makes the optimum difference to buffering that PH to skin health

I look forward to welcoming new and previous faces this spring for some awesome skin make overs

To book your free consultation drop me a message on

Or head over here right now to book....

Don't forget you can also send me your skin selfies and start your home care journey online at the touch of a button

A warm welcome awaits with your crazy science based aesthetic practitioner right here in beautiful Derbyshire

Much Love

Annette Matthews x

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