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Let's start with the basics shall we.......

CLEANSING twice a day!

Our skins PH should be between 4.75 & 5.75

If we just use water and no ph balancing solution to follow what do you think that means ?

A good quality cleanser is your first passport to good skin health- coupled with some form of PH balancing toner

Our next priority is moisture and retention of it so here come the serums and lotions that are suited to your skin types (I can help with this too, you needn't get overwhelmed)

One big tip is to AVOID over exfoliation, this does more harm than good to any skin type

Adding just one good quality product can make the world of difference

Our top priority is PROTECTION so we finish with a good quality dermal corrective SPF.

Another area I wanted to draw to your attention is the eyes and lips especially during upcoming season changes

In an area of a lot of movement we will see ELASTIN stores tire quickly here and fine lines and wrinkles will begin to appear, you may notice the skin is

becoming more opaque and crepe like here first

A good quality eye cream and antioxidant is essential to prevent further skin damage in a sensitive area.

Don't forget you can book your free of charge virtual or face to face consultation to discuss any new or ongoing skin health complaints

I will do my best to help you

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