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Why is my skin red? Rosacea/Sensitive skin explained ......

Let's set the scene, you have been in the house for a good half hour from walking the dog, or having some me time outside, yet you still have this hazy red glow to your skin, in fact when you think about it you cannot remember the last time that glow wasn't there.

It used to be down to walking the dogs, a new cleanser you tried, what you ate or drank the night before or maybe one too many glasses of wine.

Ladies - you may have tried coverage with concealers, and a few fan-dangle amazon remedies - to no avail.

Gents, you may have noticed it gradually worsening and would like some 'non girly' factual advice.

Skin conditions can and do effect male skin too- my clinic welcomes you and tries to make skin care and home-care available to you all!

What if I told you this is one of the most common skin concerns I come across in my clinic - and you are NOT alone

The medical term and medically diagnosed condition of ROSACEA

There are multiple solutions to rosacea symptoms and albeit the actual diagnosis is down to the dermatologist, it's down to me to help you with products and advice along the way.


Those with rosacea from experience tend to have a very unhappy lipid barrier and their PH is all out of sync.

Extremes of temperature change are a huge culprit in this and you may have noticed broken capillaries (Telangiectasia) on the skins surface at this point too.

These are maybe becoming more prominent and growing in size.

In english, the protective (oil based) barrier that prevents moisture loss and bacteria getting in is pretty much non existent.

Extremes of temperature see our tiny blood vessels expanding and contracting and eventually giving up in the thinning poorly nourished exposed skin.

It may have been damaged due to poor lifestyle choices and skin regimen or external factors and environmental damage.

Sometimes it may even be intrinsic and hormonal changes to skin can trigger rosacea style reactions and lipid barrier malfunction. (sounds like a NASA experiment)

Your best 'go to' right now would be a 90 day skin kit or if we are starting with the basics a simple corrective and repairing SPF will make all the difference at this point, Gents we have a non tinted version for you too.

The best place for anybody to start is a FREE skin consultation to get exactly what you need to reset your skins health.

The crooks of the matter are this- our skin is a complex organ - yep I draw like a child!

(the largest in the human body for that fact)

The skin naturally will denature and we can do a number of things to help slow this down, the most important thing is protection and prevention, if we have this in place from the start these problems will rarely occur.

Once they have we work to correct with good home care regimen and at time professional treatments will help us reset the skin into it's fully functioning fantastic organ that it is.

For your free consultation get in touch today

My top tips for now......

1) LEARN your triggers

Keep a food diary look at avoiding spicy and irritant stimulants like caffeine and alcohol

2) Start protecting your skin DAILY with quality SPF that has dermal corrective processes

3) Avoid drying agents and home exfoliants like

  • Alcohol

  • Witch hazel

  • Menthol

  • Camphor

  • Peppermint

  • Eucalyptus oil

  • Fragrances

  • Propylene glycol

4) Don't ignore it and get some good quality medical grade product to prevent the issue from worsening

Take care and have a Happy Sunday

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