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Let’s talk about SKIN BOOSTERS

I want to take some time to educate my clients both current and hopefully future ones to the merits of a skin booster.

Let's start with some science .... The skin in its entirety is an organ, a pretty complex one at that....

The Skin contains multiple functional aspects relevant to its health, the ones of interest to us as aesthetic practitioners are Fibroblasts, Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid.

You may see products that claim to contain fibroblast growth factors, epidermal growth factors and of course collagen or Hyaluronic acid...but do they really?

Well yes they probably do, but are they able to penetrate to the level of which they are required- the likely hold of this is no.

Products I recommend are low molecular weight which means they may well penetrate and improve but I still rely on the likes of skin boosters to improve my results for your skin health.

Indications for skin boosters include -

Dark eye circles

Sagging skin

Ageing skin /lines/wrinkles

Skin laxity

Elastin loss

Poor skin health

Anti ageing

Scar therapy

Collagen therapy

Prevention of skin ageing



Areas can include -

Face Neck Décolleté Hands and even the body with some products we have to offer.

But how do skin boosters work?

Remember the fibroblasts I just mentioned, well these are the holy grail in terms of skin rejuvenation and with skin boosters we can truly wake up these cells to produce collagen and elastin and enhance the skins own function.

By doing this we can enhance the function of other treatments such as anti wrinkle injections and filler and even improve longevity along the way, with some clients opting for a more natural rejuvenation with skin boosters alone.

By improving the skins function we can help alleviate all those concerns I listed above and fire cellular activity into rejuvenation mode giving us long lasting, ongoing effects and a long term fix addressing the foundations of skin health.

We have variable budget options for skin boosters and a free consultation will help us discover the best plan for you and your concerns.

Call us on 01629 352515 or book now on the link above

I look forward to meeting you

Annette x

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