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Let’s talk WINTER SKIN

Dry, Red, Irritated skin.

Random flare ups of acne and unwanted sore spots.

Let me help.......

I hear there is a cold front on the way.... so let's think about how to protect our skin during colder weather.

It's also coming up to SKI season and I'm praying fro snow for all the resorts - but with colder weather comes more skin concerns so let me help you work out the best way to protect your skin in colder weather!

Wrap up keep warm and think about skin health this winter.

I love being outdoors and I have stepped up my outdoor running recently in a bid to improve my own health.

Even with a strict skin regimen of my own I have noticed little changes in my skins behaviour, so let's demystify those skin demons this evening!

Red rosy cheeks are the first sign that something isn't quite right here, you may feel like your skin is tight or even sore to touch at times.

Our impulse is to dive into a hot bath or warm house, but this can actually exacerbate the negative impact on the skin resulting in longer term issues like broken capillaries and assisting in rosacea flare ups.

Commonly it's areas that may be exposed to extremities, like the face, neck and hands so let's take a look at how we can protect and prevent ongoing issues and avoid ageing the skin unwillingly.

So these extremes of temperature and cold outdoor walks are good for the soul... getting outdoors is beneficial for many areas of systemic and mental health, what it is not so good for is the STRATUM CORNEUM.

The Stratum corneum is the outer layer of the skin and cold weather of unprotected skin can effectively dry out and start to damage this area.

We should have a lovely barrier on our skin, protected with SPF and other goodness which we must aim to maintain and protect with products and treatments... the cold weather is ultimately destroying this barrier (if you even have one) and therefore effecting the skin cells directly and creating a loss of moisture (trans epidermal moisture loss) resulting in a disruption of function to the skin, effecting skin cell turn over and epidermal function.

With the skin cell turn over effected we end up with lots of dead skin cells and poorer skin quality.

The redness is caused by blood vessel dilation due to extremes of temperature and with multiple hits of cold weather we may see irreversible damage and burst capillaries exposing themselves permanently on the surface!

So the outer layer is damaged opening up our skin to a whole host of issues, acne prone? HELLO bacteria entry !

Is it all starting to make sense now?

Here is a way in which you can defend your skin during the colder months or on those 2500 metre high exhibitions with slats of plastic attached to your feet (skiing/boarding)


A good skin regimen is key to optimum skin function.

My skin kits contain all that's needed to restore, prevent and protect the skins function, ultimately giving you skin a fighting chance in colder weather.

SPF and good quality cleanser are the first port of call- restore the skins PH, hydrate and protect with a corrective SPF and defend your skin from the cold!

Lastly VITAMIN C- is essential to help prevent reactive oxidative stress (a posh word for more damage) and I have various options in my online shop.

We can also look at professional treatments like peels but usually a homecare kit is the first place to start.

Hydration for damaged skin can be achieve with microneedling and or skin boosters or a combination of and a free consultation will help us work out the best plan of defence for your skin.

We can also reverse some damaged capillaries with a special device but that's pointless if you dont do the above right!

Consider wrapping up and keeping hands and necks covered with gloves and scarves where possible.

A damaged dermis is fixable but its important to note this damage is preventable from the offset!!

Pop in for your free consultation and let's create a skin army against the cold this winter!

A warm welcome awaits

Stay safe, hydrated and look after your skin

Annette x

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